McAlisterville, PA


    PJ & Diamond C dump trailers w/telescopic lift cylinders

    We have been selling more and more dump trailers with the optional telescopic cylinder instead of the traditional scissor lift.  What are the advantages of this cylinder and which is right for you as a buyer?  The biggest advantage of the telescopic cylinder is its initial lift ability is much more than that of a scissor lift. If you have ever overloaded a scissor lift dump trailer, you will notice that the scissor will struggle to lift the bed of the trailer in the initial 12-18″ and then very likely be fine the rest of the way up. The telescopic cylinder’s initial stage is the slowest, and therefore the strongest for when you most need it.  Each stage of the cylinder (3 stage) will lift faster. They also provide the best front of body dumping leverage, due to the cylinder being mounted entirely outside of the bed of the trailer. If you are a serious dump trailer user, and loading to the trailers maximum capacity on a regular basis, this cylinder will be a great option for you.  The downsides are a slightly higher cost than a scissor lift and only gravity down.  Check out our dump trailer stock here to see our selection!