McAlisterville, PA


    Choosing the Right Dump Trailer

    Someone once said, “everyone needs a dump trailer”, and we believe they were right! Dump trailers can be used for so many different things, and at Fayette Trailers, we are here to help you choose which one is best for your needs! What is there to know about dump trailers? They all look the same right? If they dump the load, that’s all that matters right? Well, not necessarily! There are so many key factors to take into consideration when purchasing a dump trailer and we hope these key points are helpful to you and your process!

    • What will be your frequency of use? This will help determine whether you need an industrial grade dump trailer or a residential grade dump trailer. The residential grade trailer will commonly have thinner steel on the sides and the floor, it will have a lower GVWR and it will likely be overall a smaller size. The commercial grade trailers will have much heavier duty steel on the sides and the floor, have heavier duty axles and tires, have a much higher GVWR and have a bed size that will be conducive to hauling equipment, rock, topsoil or other large aggregate.
    • What type of tow vehicle are you using? This will determine the maximum GVWR that you can safely tow. We recommend purchasing the highest GVWR trailer that your tow vehicle can handle, therefore maximizing your investment and allowing you to haul heavier loads. This can also determine whether you should (or even could) choose a bumperpull dump trailer or a gooseneck dump trailer. Gooseneck trailers typically ride smoother and turn better than a bumperpull dump trailer.
    • What features are important to you? Dump trailers are often offered with a variety of different options, including but not limited to ramps for loading, tarp kits for load safety, side extensions for added capacity, hydraulic jacks for ease of unhooking, tie down points, heavier duty gauge steel floors, upgraded tires and the list could go on. Choose which features are important to you based on what your typical use of the trailer will be, as well as what type of loads you plan to haul.
    • What is your budget? Even though all trailer brands can have some variance in price range, most commercial grade dump trailers are in a similar price range while most residential grade dump trailers are in a similar price range.  Brands can vary in overall appearance and in quality, so while choosing your budget, make sure to check out the quality and overall features that are important to you, and set your budget accordingly.
    • How is the dealership service and support? Good trailer dealers are largely family owned and operated, with a focus on customer service and experience. At Fayette Trailers, we are confident that you will feel like part of our family when you purchase a trailer from us. We are focused on excellence during and after the sale, and while we always have room for improvement, we are sure you will not regret making us the dealer of choice. Our service department will assist in hooking up your new trailer, and our parts department is fully stocked with accessories that you may not even know existed to make your trailering life easier! Our finance and sales department is very professional and helpful, and will be happy to assist with your decision to purchase a Diamond C, PJ or Fox Trail dump trailer from our selection!